City gardens

After twelve years working with some of the citys best landscapers and landscape designer’s in Perth, Bretskii Hearn created City Gardens with the specific intent to cater to Perth’s ever growing inner city housing trends. As Perth downsizes its living spaces there is no reason to not have vibrant green environments and delicious edible gardens. Smaller gardens with the right design and plant selection can create beautiful spaces that can entertain friends and family - as well as create a calm and relaxed escape and - fresh healthy produce.
For those in apartments and townhouses - container and pot gardening is the only option, City Gardens can transform your balcony, townhouse or patio into a living green oasis with the perfect plant selections and our fully automated, self-contained reticulation systems. Having herbs and edible plants at your finger tips, your cooking will go through the roof.
Bretskii’s connection to horticulture and landscaping runs very deep; having grown up on a farm that has been in his family for five generations. “ Soil, plants and the landscape was part of my life from as long as I can remember, my mum and grandparents grew all their own vegetables and had had big gardens, and our livelihood on the land depended on the health of soil and plants and that deep connection has never left me. At the heart of every garden I design or work on, I will be trying to create a natural sustainable system"